The Argolida county of the Peloponnese peninsula is world renowned for the ancient sites of Mycenae, Epidavros Theatre (Epidauros) and Tiryns (Tiryntha) but also for its citrus production and amazing beaches.

Visit the beaches of Karathona, Nea Nio and Arvanitia in Nafplion, Tolo, Vivari, Plaka Beach in Drepano, Candia (Kondyli) and Iria. Some beaches are well organised for tourists and offer chaging facilities, cafeteries and an array of watersports (Karathona, Arvanitia, Tolo) and others offer a their traditional village charm.

Visit the areas of the aforementioned Epidavros Theatre and Sanctuary of Asklepios along with the Natural History museum of Ligourio, Ancient Mycenae, Ancient Tiryns and the ancient pyramid of Argoliko which is older than the pryamids of Egypt!

See the twin chasms at Didyma with their underground tunnels and Devils Bridge close to Trizina.. take a water taxi across the short distance and visit the island of Poros or have a day out in Porto Heli and Hermioni further along the coat.

The Argolida, with its easy access from Athens (just one and a half hours) has something for everyone whether it be for a weekend or summer holidays.